The Genesis of Evangeline

The first three chapters of my debut novel, THE GENESIS OF EVANGELINE, are now available to read for FREE! This is a Young Adult, Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy for fans of Twilight (Stephanie Meyer), Moon Called (Patricia Briggs), and The Fallen Series (Lauren Kate). THE GENESIS OF EVANGELINE has no shortage of shifters, hybrids, and forbidden … Continue reading The Genesis of Evangeline

6 Tips Every Writer Should Know

Let's get right to it! 1)      Don’t let “doohickeys” and “whatchamacallits” slow you down: Our characters encounter objects that we, the writers, need to describe. However, on occasion, we realize we don’t know the proper terms for individual pieces that make up everyday items.  For instance, yesterday, I was describing a chandelier in a scene … Continue reading 6 Tips Every Writer Should Know

It’s Time for a Divorce: Fighting Writer’s Block

Because we know the painstaking work that goes into extracting a thought from our brains and getting it on paper (or into a Word doc… same thing), we often find ourselves “married to our words”. We love them. They’re our pride and joy. We go to great lengths to make sure *nothing* comes between us and … Continue reading It’s Time for a Divorce: Fighting Writer’s Block