6 Tips Every Writer Should Know

Let's get right to it! 1)      Don’t let “doohickeys” and “whatchamacallits” slow you down: Our characters encounter objects that we, the writers, need to describe. However, on occasion, we realize we don’t know the proper terms for individual pieces that make up everyday items.  For instance, yesterday, I was describing a chandelier in a scene … Continue reading 6 Tips Every Writer Should Know

Starting Over… kinda

Hey, everyone 🙂 I'm Rachel, a YA Paranormal Romance/YA Urban Fantasy writer from Michigan. I've been at this writing thing for almost 4 years (13 novels published and counting), but before you go searching for me, you should know my previous titles were released under a penname 🙂 Things are still going great for me in the … Continue reading Starting Over… kinda