Top 10 Hot New Releases in YA Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

If you’re like me, you love the heart-pounding angst and intrigue of young adult paranormal romance, so you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find books featuring swoon-worthy book boyfriends ranging from gods, angels, vampires, shifters, werewolves, and more. These hot new releases (and preorders) are sure to hit the spot. Already read one or all these stories? Share which ones you’ve picked up and what you thought of them down in the comments section!

❤ The List ❤

  1. Persuasion Curse of the Gods (Book 2)–by Jaymin Eve
  2. Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices Book 2)–by Cassandra Clare
  3. The Toren: Shattered Souls (The Toren Series, Book 1)by Lola StVil
  4. Tempting Raven (Curse of the Vampire Queen Book 1)by Jessica Sorensen
  5. The Librarian–by Christy Sloat
  6. Requiem (The Seraphim Series Book 3)–by Sophia Stafford
  7. The Vampire Wish-by Michelle Madow
  8. The Gold-Son–by Carrie Anne Noble
  9. Growing Wings (The Caged Series Book 2)–by Kellie McAllen
  10. The Romeo Catchers (The Casquette Girls Series Book 2)by Alys Arden

While you’re in the mood for shifters and intense, YA love stories, grab the first three chapters of THE GENESIS OF EVANGELINE (my upcoming YA Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy novel) FREE!! Click >HERE< and a copy of the early chapters will be delivered directly to you in seconds. Blurb and cover art below 🙂 Thanks for checking it out and HAPPY READING!

Evie Cover_1


True love never dies. It’s reborn…

Evie Callahan is at the end of her rope. As an outcast, she’s trying to survive her first and last year at Seaton Prep. Or Hell Prep if you ask her. Connecting with Nick, her next-door neighbor, makes life in a new town more tolerable, but she can’t shake the feeling there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Actually, something strange seems to be going on in Seaton Falls altogether. There have been more than a few natural disasters recently and the locals are bigger, stronger, and faster than most.

Including Nick.

But it’s hard for Evie to trust her instincts once she begins to suspect she’s losing touch with reality. Especially when someone who’s been haunting her dreams is suddenly tangible.

Discovering who you are is scary. Discovering who you’re destined to be?


Evie’s just a normal seventeen-year-old girl… right? Wrong.

She’s so much more.

And this is her Genesis.

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